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GUM Orthodontic Wax Floss with Vitamin E in Mint

Sunstar Americas

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GUM® Orthodontic Wax relieves irritation and discomfort from braces, wiring devices, and other orthodontic appliances placed in the mouth. Waxed floss with treated with vitamin E to add relief to the gums. Recommended by dental professionals for relief from the pain and irritation caused by orthodontic appliances. Only a small amount is needed and washes off easily before brushing.


  • - Relives discomfort from braces and wires
  • - Provides a comfort barrier from sharp edges
  • - Applies easily between teeth cleaning
  • - Clean, dicreet wax

Ideal Uses:

  • - Braces  
  • - Wires
  • - Relief of pain

Instructions for use:

Place a small amount on your finger tip and rub across your braces or wires. Wash off before brushing