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UlcerEase Anesthetic Mouth Rinse for Canker Sores

Crown Laboratories

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UlcerEase Anesthetic Mouth Rinse relieves pain caused by canker and mouth sores. There's no sting or burn when you swish it in your mouth and after you’re done, it leaves a soothing sensation that makes you feel refreshed and pain free. 


  • Relieves irritating mouth pain
  • Doesn’t cause burning or stinging
  • Will not discolor or dye your mouth
  • Leaves a minty sensation in your mouth

Ideal Uses: Abrasions, Canker sores & General mouth irritations.

Instructions for use: Swish a cap full of rinse in your mouth for 15 seconds to relieve mouth pain. Repeat as needed.   
Experience soothing mouth relief with the non-burning, non-stinging UlcerEase Anesthetic Mouth Rinse. Dial 1-888-687-4334 today and talk to one of our friendly sales staff to order yours.