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Lidocaine Viscous 2% Oral Solution

Roxanne Laboratories

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Lidocaine Viscous 2% lidocaine hydrochloride solution is a local anesthetic used to reduce oral pain. Lidocaine Viscous 2% works by preventing nerves from transmitting painful impulses to the brain. When safely used in a medically supervised environment, you can perform dental procedures and minor surgical procedures.  For Oral Use.

Lidocaine Viscous 2% Features:

  • Locking top
  • 2% Lidocaine
  • 100mL bottle

Lidocaine Viscous 2% Benefits:

  • Eliminates pain associated with surgery    
  • Can be used to ease burning sensations
  • Reduces skin irritations caused by various cuts, scratches, and insect bites

Ideal Uses:

  • Dental anesthetic
  • Minor surgeries
  • Itching/Burning

Instructions for use:

Consult with a medical professional prior to use.