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MI Paste Plus 40g Tube


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Enjoy a bright, healthy smile with the regular use of MI Paste Plus which boasts the same great enrichment from Recaldent (CPP-ACP) and includes 900ppm of fluoride. MI Paste helps to treat and prevent caries, soothe sensitivity and oral tissues, and balance oral pH.


MI Paste Plus Applications

  • Decreasing sensitivity
  • Preventing caries and lesions
  • Rebuilding enamel
  • Balancing pH
  • Encouraging healthy saliva production
  • Increasing fluoride uptake
  • Great for pregnant women
  • Polypharmacy and systemic illness
  • Acid erosion and gastric reflux
  • Orthodontic brackets and bands
  • White spot lesions


Applying MI Paste Plus

  • Brush with fluoride toothpaste
  • Apply a pea sized amount to a finger, swab, or dental tray
  • Coat teeth and leave for 3 minutes    
  • Repeat up to 4 times daily


Indications and Contraindications

  • MI Paste Plus is ok for use with expectant mothers
  • MI Paste Plus is contraindicated for children under 6
  • MI Paste Plus contains 900ppm of fluoride
  • MI Paste Plus is BPA-free and Gluten-free
  • MI Paste Plus contains 13mg/g of calcium
  • MI Paste Plus is 0.2% phosphoric acid and may be contraindicated for dialysis patients
  • MI Paste Plus is Kosher
  • When using an oral rinse like chlorhexidine gluconate, wait 2-3 hours before applying MI Paste Plus

MI Paste Plus Ingredients

MI Paste Plus: pure water, glycerol, CPP-ACP, d-sorbitol, CMC-Na, propylene glycol, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, xylitol, phosphoric acid, sodium fluoride, flavoring, sodium saccharin, ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl p-hydroxybenzoate and butyl p-hydroxybenzoate.

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