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MI Paste Plus with Recaldent 40 Gram Melon

GC America

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MI Paste Plus with Recaldent 40 Gram Melon is clinically proven to help you restore and maintain a healthy smile. Designed to restore mineral imbalances in the teeth that cause demineralization and white spot lesions, MI Paste Plus offers the same great benefits of regular MI Paste, but is enhanced with a patented form of fluoride for further cavity protection.

All MI Paste Plus Products contain Fluoride. If you can not have Fluoride then please choose from the regular MI Paste Products. 

Mi Paste Plus Features:

  • Active ingredient: Recaldent (CPP-ACP) – a milk-derived protein
  • Fluoride enhanced formula
  • Strengthens tooth enamel
  • Reduces sensitivity
  • Buffers plaque acid
  • Melon flavor
  • 40 ml tube

Note:  Speed and effectiveness depends on the person’s individual situation and usage

MI Paste has shown clinical success for patients who have an increased risk of cavities and white spot lesions. With MI Paste, you can see and feel the results! This tooth cream not only buffers acid produced by bacteria, plaque and diet, but it also reduces sensitivity and actually restores your natural tooth structure.