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St. Patrick's Day Dental Emergencies

Posted by Administrator on 3/18/2015
St. Patrick's Day Dental Emergencies
Software used to process dental visit information indicates this sharp increase and identifies what areas are most likely to see increased visits.

3-D Technology is Revolutionizing Dentistry

Posted by Administrator on 1/15/2015
3-D Technology is Revolutionizing Dentistry
Recent advents in 3-D scanning and printing technology are more common in dental practices leading to reduced procedure time and increased patient convenience.

All Tooth Pain Is Not Created Equal

Posted by Administrator on 12/12/2014
All Tooth Pain Is Not Created Equal
The most common triggers for persistent dental pain that requires treatment by a professional include tooth decay, trauma, and extensive previous dental work.

Veterans Day Dental Services

Posted by Administrator on 11/12/2014
Veterans Day Dental Services
One business, Eastwood Dental Office, provided free dental services to veterans including extractions, cleanings, and fillings.

Emergency Dental Care Far Too Common

Posted by Administrator on 10/13/2014
Emergency Dental Care Far Too Common
Medicare and Medicaid programs do allow dental coverage, however, an overwhelming number of dentists do not accept the coverage.

Dental Coverage Under Obamacare (ACA)

Posted by Administrator on 9/10/2014
Dental Coverage Under Obamacare (ACA)
Beginning in 2015, with open enrollment effective November 15th, a number of insurers will be making add-on dental benefits available.

Dentists Filling in Teens on Dentistry

Posted by Administrator on 8/5/2014
Dentists Filling in Teens on Dentistry
New England teens are gaining experience with the skills and requirements expected to enter and succeed in dental school.

Stress Induced Bruxism: Involuntary Teeth Grinding

Posted by Administrator on 4/10/2014
Involuntary teeth grinding, or Bruxism, is thought to be a stress induced response resulting in irreparable damage.

Senior Dental Care

Posted by Administrator on 4/2/2014
Taking preventative measures today can help save healthy teeth from caries, discoloration, and loss.

Fake Teeth Whitening Kits Seized

Posted by Administrator on 3/27/2014

In a recent raid in the UK, fake teeth whitening kits have been seized by police for containing dangerous levels of bleaching agents.

Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA)

Posted by Administrator on 3/21/2014
Dental professionals hope that early assessment, classification, and education will help encourage better dental hygiene practices and follow up care.

Conscious Sedation Risks

Posted by Administrator on 3/14/2014
After a second reported death of a patient under conscious sedation in North Carolina, the Board of Dental Examiners is pushing for changes to regulations to screening and use.

Are Dental Instruments Properly Sterilized?

Posted by Administrator on 3/7/2014
Inspection of records at various dental practices has revealed insufficient, or even nonexistent, spore testing practices.

Sugary Drinks Erode Teeth

Posted by Administrator on 2/28/2014
Recommendations for reducing tooth decay include significant reductions in the consumption of sugar rich beverages combined with a comprehensive oral care regimen.

Denti-Cal Expands Coverage

Posted by Administrator on 2/21/2014
Lack of dental coverage has plagued the low income in California causing declining oral health and an increase in emergency room costs due to untreated dental conditions.

Enhanced Dental Practice Practices

Posted by Administrator on 2/14/2014
Creating a synergistic environment for dentists and hygienists alike will increase the level of happiness and success in your dental practice.

Dentists Recommend Fluoride for Kids

Posted by Administrator on 2/7/2014

A recommendation published in the February issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association recommends using a small amount of fluoride on children as soon as they get their first tooth.

Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures

Posted by Administrator on 1/31/2014
Volunteer dental hygienists provide an examination for children and send them off with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a take home report card for their parents.

Medical and Dental Care: The Great Divide

Posted by Administrator on 1/24/2014
As medical science has progressed, there has been an increased recognition of the effect that the oral environment has on overall health and wellness.

Dental Providers - 5 Keys to Success

Posted by Administrator on 1/17/2014

Start taking the initiative to drive success in your dental practice today!

3D Printed Dentures

Posted by Administrator on 1/10/2014
Exocad software has been integrated with Stratasys 3D Printers to maximize the value of dental lab technology investments.

Dental Hygienists Getting More Freedom

Posted by Administrator on 1/3/2014
If House Bill 1061 is approved, hygienists will have 90 days from the date of examination by a dentist to perform oral care procedures.

Know Your Primary Care Dentist

Posted by Administrator on 12/27/2013
It is entirely within your right to know that your dental professional is qualified to perform the required work.

Preventative Dental for Children

Posted by Administrator on 12/20/2013
In a study of pediatric dental patients in California, it was reported that only 70% of children were receiving preventative dental care at least yearly.

Dental Care Via IPhone App

Posted by Administrator on 12/16/2013
The OralEye IPhone App is helping to encourage more individuals to contact their dentist regarding broken and crooked teeth, gaps, and other dental conditions without having to visit the office.