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Sugary Drinks Erode Teeth

Posted by on 2/28/2014

Youth Tooth DecayOne of the most prevalent conditions among today's youth is tooth decay caused by inadequate care, sugary treats, and insufficient dental visits. Sometimes, it may seem to costly to get the oral care necessary to keep teeth healthy, but there are things we can do at home to offer the best to minimize damage.


Most of us know that brushing at least twice a day is recommended for adequate oral care. The suggested brushing time is two minutes. Having a timer to encourage a thorough job can help ensure this is done.


In addition to oral care, one change we can affect in the youth of today is the volume of sugar rich beverages consumed. In the average bottle of soda, there are approximately 19 teaspoons of sugar, in Gatorade, there are 15 teaspoons of sugar. When this sugar reacts with saliva, it creates an acidic environment that erodes teeth. On average, it takes the saliva 20 minutes to reduce the acidity to a safe level.


Recommendations for reducing tooth decay include significant reductions in the consumption of sugar rich beverages combined with a comprehensive oral care regimen. For added protection, sealants and creams to protect and restore enamel are available and safe for children.