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Senior Dental Care

Posted by on 4/2/2014

Senior Dental CareWith the progression of age, many tend to lose the vital, bright smile they once wore, but this does not need to be the case. Taking preventative measures today can help save healthy teeth from caries, discoloration, and loss.


Don't teeth become discolored with age?

Yes, there may be some modest discoloration with age, such as graying. However, most individuals experience discoloration from items such as tobacco, coffee, and red wine. These stains can be safely removed with bleaching.


Won't my teeth gradually become more porous and need to be extracted?

Not necessarily. Much of the decay, caries, root canals, and extractions result from the effects of caffeine, sugars, alcohol, and tobacco use. Regular care, hydration, and avoidance of harmful agents can lessen the effects of tooth decay.


Isn't gum health important?

Absolutely, gum health is extremely important and affects approximately 1/4 of individuals age 65-75. Regular dental hygiene is essential to healthy gums as well as teeth. Any signs of redness, swelling, or sores should be addressed immediately.


What is xerostomia?

Xerostomia, or persistent dry mouth, is a condition that can affect tooth and gum health leading to discomfort, decay, and infection. Avoidance of common harmful agents such as alcohol, tobacco, and sugars can help reduce your risk. Additionally, medications and certain medical conditions or treatments can cause xerostomia. To reduce your risk, maintain adequate water intake, practice dental hygiene, and consider gels that help lessen the effects of dry mouth.