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Fake Teeth Whitening Kits Seized

Posted by on 3/27/2014

Fake Teeth Whitening Kits SeizedOver the last several years, teeth whitening has become more common at home and dental practices. Increasing the popularity, celebrities have been endorsing teeth whitening products creating a multi-million dollar market. However, in a recent raid in the UK, fake teeth whitening kits have been seized by police for containing dangerous levels of bleaching agents.


Dental products are regulated for safety and effectiveness in many parts of the world, and this holds true in the UK. According to 2012 regulations in the European Union, teeth whitening products cannot contain more than .1% hydrogen peroxide or related agents that release the substance. Higher amounts can cause long term damage to teeth, lips, and gums.


In a recent seizure of illicit goods from gang members in the UK, among the products found where teeth whitening kits. These kits, the police asserted, were meant to be sold online and at local businesses. As the two men arrested have been implicated as having international ties to pirated goods, authorities warn caution when purchasing products.