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Enhanced Dental Practice Practices

Posted by on 2/14/2014

Dental Practice PracticesCreating an atmosphere of involvement and excitement will enhance the productivity in a dental practice and the enjoyment of staff and patients alike. However, it is easy to get caught up in daily routines, have dry meetings, and yearn for the end of day to come. In order to spice up your practice, consider some modifications to staff meetings to increase enjoyment and engagement.


Making Meetings Fun


Venue - in most cases, staff members meet in an office or conference room to have meetings. However, selecting an alternate location like a park or cafe can add some variety and interest.


Atmosphere - adding a touch of creativity, aroma, and lighting to a business environment can be enticing to team members, and encourage more creative thought.


Engagement - use team building exercises to acquaint team members with one another and deepen the relationships. Dental patients will benefit from the enhanced office synergy.


Technology - augment delivery of information and tracking of meeting details using the powerful tools that technology offers. Use videos, presentations, and record keeping programs to assist in productivity.


Creating a synergistic environment for dentists and hygienists alike will increase the level of happiness and success in your dental practice. Find ways to engage staff members today!