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Dentists Filling in Teens on Dentistry

Posted by on 8/5/2014
Dentists Filling in Teens on Dentistry

In Maine, teens are getting a hands on introduction into the world of dentistry including what it takes to get into the career field. New England teens are gaining experience with the skills and requirements expected to enter and succeed in dental school.


Historically, New England has been short on dental professionals, and with the median age of dentists being over 55, many more will be needed over the next decade. As a gateway for students to learn and enter the field, the University of New England has offered the Dental Careers Exploration Camp. This free camp is a 3 day experience meant to provide students with information and experience with dental care techniques.


At the camp, students have the opportunity to drill and fill molars on simulated patients, take x-rays, make teeth impressions, and even practice stitching gum tissue (using chicken breasts). In addition to hands on learning, students gain are provided advice on important skills, necessary education, and having the right attitude.


It is the hope of New England University that the camp will help draw students into the recently opened school of Dental Medicine (opened Fall 2013). The inaugural class at the school consisted of 64 students, a third of which were from Maine. However, it is anticipated that when the program is fully populated that it could attend to nearly 40,000 patient visits annually.