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Dental Providers - 5 Keys to Success

Posted by on 1/17/2014

Dental Providers - 5 Keys to SuccessSome dental practices make money hand over fist, others, struggle to get by. The opportunity to enhance your dental practice is within reach, if you're willing to do what it takes to succeed.


What are highly successful dentists doing to make it work?


1) Understand what success means


1a) A successful practice will be hard work and require tough decisions. For example, it may require more flexible scheduling, changing over staff, trusting competent staff members with responsibility, and taking an active lead.


2) Internal and external marketing


2a) Marketing is an investment, not just an expense. There are two major forms of marketing, internal and external. External marketing is that which brings in additional patients to the practice such as various advertisements through media channels. Internal marketing are the practices that keep your patients coming back and seeking additional services.


3) Working with your patients


3a) Get patients involved in the treatment planning process. Help the patient to understand the severity of any potential complications to help encourage participation in the solution. Additionally, get them excited about the opportunity of a healthy, bright smile.


4) Teamwork


4a) Your team can be a great asset if they know your goals and are on board with the process. Try using an incentive tied to objectives to keep them actively involved.


5) Accessibility


5a) How easy is it to get an appointment in your practice? Would additional staffing or more effective records management aid in scheduling patients sooner? If patients have to wait too long for a visit, they may opt for another practice.

Start taking the initiative to drive success in your dental practice today!