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Dental Care Via IPhone App

Posted by on 12/16/2013

The OralEye IPhone App is helping to encourage more individuals to contact their dentist regarding broken and crooked teeth, gaps, and other dental conditions without having to visit the office. App developer Mark Moore stumbled upon the idea when he sent an image of his own mouth to his father, a dentist, and received feedback regarding treatment.

OralEye IPhone App 

Many are reluctant to visit the dentist even if they believe they need to have something cared for. This app allows the individual to open a dialogue with a dentist without ever having to visit the office. Within a short time, a dentist can respond to the individual regarding recommendations for treatment.


One dentist in Colorado Springs, Dr. Gary Moore, has begun testing the app and believes it to be an excellent way to open lines of communication between patients and providers. His experience has shown that many users, especially under age 35, are more willing to start with using the app than to schedule an appointment. It also helps those who are not within a reasonable distance from dental providers to get an initial assessment.