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Calcium Phosphate

One of the primary building blocks of bones, Calcium Phosphate is a naturally occurring substance and can be derived from Bovine milk. The most common form of Calcium Phosphate is hydroxyapetite which makes up 70% of bone and 90% of tooth enamel. As a result, this substance is excellent for remineralization of teeth. In milk, Calcium Phosphate is bound to casein protein and is typically fixed with magnesium, zinc, and citrate in a structure referred to as Colloidal Calcium Phosphate.


Calcium Phosphate, Oral Mucositis, and Xerostomia

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy trigger significant cell damage in the bones and mouth and can lead to oral mucositis and xerostomia. These conditions cause an inflammation, redness, and lesions to form in the mouth creating significant discomfort for patients such as difficulty swallowing or speaking. The introduction of Calcium Phosphate has been known to help reduce and prevent the effects of oral mucositis and is included in a regular oral hygiene regimen for these patients.